Health Care Revenue Cycle Training

Greetings, and welcome to Health Care Revenue Cycle Training. My name is Mitch Mitchell, and I’m a health care revenue cycle consultant. I understand the entire process from admissions through collections, charge master, charge capture and pricing, compliance and revenue generation. I’ve worked in health care revenue cycle areas since 1983.

This site is for training and education on health care revenue cycle issues. I’ll be covering a lot of information in a free form mode than many people are used to; I’ll be talking to you as if we’re having a conversation, instead of what you might get out of a manual.

Some of you will visit and join this site looking for information in an area you’re already working in, or hoping to work in. Some of you will visit looking for information that touches upon something you’re already doing, and want to learn more on how it relates to what you do. Some of you will join because you want to learn everything possible about the revenue cycle process. Everything I cover on this site is in some way related to the revenue cycle process; it’s information you need to know or think about, even if you don’t initially see the connection.

There are 4 free articles that everyone can view. These will give you an example of the type of content that will be on the site. There is a lot more content, but only registered members will be able to see more than the original 4 articles; paying members will have the ability to read or leave comments.

There are 2 levels of membership:

The first level will be charged $199 for a month’s access. This is considered the “trial” level. The membership includes full access to leave comments on the 4 free articles and will receive access to 7-8 new articles during the month. They will be “dripped” out instead of dropping all of them at once. The idea is that almost everyone will need time to fully understand the content. Some of the content will be something some will be ready to put into action, or might need time to find other at your facility to start asking questions about what’s being taught here.

During this month, if you don’t feel you’re getting what you want or need, you can request a full refund and your membership will end.

The second level is for regular monthly or yearly access. The monthly rate will be $325, the yearly rate $2,925, a 25% discount over the monthly rate. There will be new content continually added to the site, and at least 3-5 new articles a month dropped to members, with an expectation that at a certain point, if there are enough members, I’ll start a bi-monthly Zoom call to discuss topics and answer questions. I also plan on adding a Facebook page in the future exclusively for members where ideas can be shared and requests for specific content that might not have been addressed can be covered in a later article.

This site won’t be accepting registration from email addresses coming from Gmail or Hotmail, and might block other free email services in the future. Those generate a lot of spam and hackers; I don’t want to spend time dealing with that.

This isn’t a consulting site. If an answer I give needs either a lot more information than I can efficiently provide, or help in setting up new processes, that becomes consulting, and I’ll be charging an hourly rate for those types of services (most of which can be done remotely). I’m also available to present to organizations looking for a speaker/presenter. To inquire about consulting or presentation services, please send email to

Please check out the free articles. If they’re to your satisfaction or pique your interest, feel free to register for the first month to see more content. Remember there’s a 30-day guaranteed refund for the first month.

If you’d like more information, send an email to Thank you for considering Health Care Revenue Cycle Training!

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